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  • iii
  • Sustentacula: Korean Whale Music
  • Our third annual compilation album focuses on instrumental music with contributions from Warble main-stays, close friends and selections from our deep past.
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  • Annual Warble Compilation
  • iii
  • Verbash - Celestial Ember
  • 3:07
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    Cover Art for Piano Pills Album Art for Coronation's 'Rumor' Artwork for Warble Record's 2013 compilation 'Fonder Forest Family'


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    • Our third annual compilation album, 'iii', focuses exclusively on instrumental music, with contributions from Warble main-stays including David Liabraaten's Verbash, close friends Long Hallways, Xua, Ifsh, and selections from Warble's deep past. The art is an original lino-cut print by Emily Kathryn Carol.

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    • WarbleRecords.com is the web-cave for music mages Sustentacula, Seance Crasher, Julian Snow, David Liabraaten, Daniel Rafn, & Coronation. Our goal is to create the best music we can. While our styles may differ, our dedication is the same. Warble is a deliver-er of hotly contested art, curated by perfectionist peasants. We live in Portland, Salem & Silverton, Oregon.

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