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  • WarbleRecords.com is the web-cave for musicians Sustentacula, Seance Crasher, Julian Snow, David Liabraaten, Daniel Rafn, & Coronation. While our styles may differ, our dedication is the same. Warble is a deliver-er of hotly contested art, curated by perfectionists eager to learn. We live in Portland, Salem & Silverton, Oregon.

  • Mr. Warble debuted in the mid-1990s as an unusually unstable microcassette message. The first Warble long-player was pretty unremarkable, but nonetheless did feature drum wizardry from one "Skippy", later of Black Francis' band. The die was firmly cast with Julian Snow's third Warbler, "Doodle" (1998). Concurrently the elder Rafn (David) set up with his "seminal Portland post-rock" band Kremlin Bronx.

    The two trains (J. Snow + Rafns) collided in the fall of 2001 at a Bloody Muse show in Keizer. Meanwhile, the Warble imprint took up temporary hibernation while David LiaBraaten and Julian launched Subsun. Sneaking back into circulation c.2007 with low-profile releases led by Keizer lo-fi legend Peter DeGroot, Warble consolidated its position in 2010 with Daniel's sharp website and a friendly takeover of the Subsun catalog (including releases by Root Villa and Anbot Rodroid). David L. returning to the fold c. 2011, the big tent now warbles into the future.